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Advanced Trees for your land

Woodland Trees retail nursery grows sturdy and vigorous advanced trees and screens from half to 3 meters for farms, landscapers, gardens, and commercial projects throughout Melbourne, Victoria and SE Australia.

We grow seeded species such as oak and cedar which we advance in the fantastic 20cm air prune pots with a root mass of 8-10L. The trees are between 1-2m tall and establish really well. Also, we grow grafted advanced trees in 30-45L air prune containers which are around 2-3m tall.

The root ball, once planted, lies below most grassroots. Structured by the air prune pots, the root tips travel outward into the soil so the trees establish extremely well, as recorded at out Central Victorian test site.

Air pruning pots, the leading industry technology, are primarily used and develop high root mass and structural conformity (no coiling or root girdling in the pot), so that trees have the best chance to grow when planted out. No root pruning is required either.

Besides oak, trees derived from the ancient Gondwanan mega-continent such as southern beeches, casuarinas, proteaceous trees and araucarias are our speciality. Also, we grow perennials, screens and shrubs for general landscaping for montane to warmer and drier districts of southern Australia.

Woodland Trees seeks to grow trees to promote an environmentally sustainable future, particularly for climate moderation and carbon sequestration in rural areas.

We have a particular interest in farmland, woodland ecology; combining silvo-pasture and permaculture concepts into tree-scape designs and plantings. Developing green firebreaks, farm timber lots, wind breaks, shade, nitrogen fixing and forage species in an integrated plan is a service we also provide.

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